Co-Ed Sports Teams

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Specific Purpose: To persuade my target audience to favor the idea of co-ed sports teams. Central Idea: When it comes to girls being able to play on sport teams, I favor this simply because it is a right for them to do so, the allegations formed against are unfair and unjust, and being placed on a team should be determined by skills, determination and abilities rather than gender. Introduction: Who’s bright idea was it to determine that females could fight for their country alongside a man but they are not allowed to compete and play on sport teams with males? What factors are different in one scenario that allows for them both to have opposite outcomes? Why is it that society can say yes to co-ed battle and not to co-ed …show more content…

d. I fully understand that some of you have developed the theory that males are stronger and faster but you have yet to consider those females who are as equally strong and fast which should be a contributing factor when deciding who should play with who. Transition Statement Despite the allagations formed against female athletes who wish to participate on boy’s teams, they should still be considered and accepted for their talent, skills and overall determination. a. Many females may not favor being apart of a sport’s team at any level of their life but there are an equal amount who are passionate about being involved. b. Girls who have worked hard to gain their sports related knowledge and long-term skills should be allowed to compete at a higher level to gain access skills that aren’t taught on an all girls level. c. According to a July 2011 article by Tina Pashley at[->1], playing alongside male athletes can boost a female’s confidence, build talents and physical capabilities which are all factors that contribute to a victorious team. d. Females who know the rules and regulations of sports has taken into consideration the risks and consequences that can arise from such activities and that knowledge alone I believe qualifies them to be apart of a co-ed sports team. Transition Statement: As you can see, females not being able to

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