Coaching In Atual Gawande's Article You Can Grow Your Mind

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Coaching or finding the ability to grow your brain, according to many, seems like two methods that only some need. When senior surgeon Atual Gawande finds he has hit a plateau and feels the need to receive coaching or uncovering the physical methods to grow your own brain, it can lead to very informative discussions. We will learn Dr. Gawande’s feelings about coaching, the ways in which you can truly grown your brain, and how those methods and Gawande discoveries relate to my own personal experiences.

In Dr. Atual Gawande’s article Personal Best, he's describes his account of being coached by senior surgeon and once mentor Robert Osteen in hopes of honing in on his surgical skills. At first Dr. Gawande views coaching as a slippery slope; naming them not quite teachers but as editors that help observe, judge, and guide you. Through his account of coaching, Dr Gawande is a bit skeptical in the beginning stating if he wondered if Osteen would “find anything useful to tell me.” Through this first procedure Gawande noticed that …show more content…

In both articles, they hone in on a particular concept which is exposure. The article You Can Grow Your Brain demonstrates this concept through the use of juggling. They took two groups of people who do not know how to perform this skill and taught one group to juggle and the other not. The group who were taught and practiced got better. This group was exposed to a new stimulus and therefore their brains grew and they discovered a new skill. In Dr. Atual Gawande’s article Personal Best his account of coaching is all about the concept of exposure. This was the only was he was going to learn and improve himself as a surgeon. He describes that the only way for him make smarter decisions in the operating room comes at a price stating“ I knew that he could drive me to make smarter decisions, but….the price:

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