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Coaching is paramount to helping teachers improve their craft. There are a variety of different coaching models that a coach can consider. A coach will consider many factors when making the decision on what model to use. Some schools or districts may have a model in place that they want all of their coaches to use. When a coach needs to decide on the coaching model, he or she will use, will consider a variety of elements. The two coaching models I will discuss are the instructional coaching method and the content coaching model. The information I gather about my colleague will determine the best coaching model to use when we collaborate with one another. Many educators may feel comfortable using the content coaching model. Content coaching is a practical method for improving instruction and student learning (West, 2008). In simplest terms, teachers using the content coaching model focus on relevant, meaningful, rich content (West, 2008). When a person thinks about coaching, one of the first things that come to mind is the importance of building a relationship with your colleague. If someone does not like you or you have a bad relationship with them, they will not want to work with you, so relationships still play a part in content coaching. However, a content coach dives into the content area and the two of you are going to think about specific pedagogical knowledge (Laureate Education, Inc., 2010e). Furthermore, what a content coach does is take their colleague deeper in…

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