Theories Of Coaching Final Paper

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Dayra Cerda Theories of Coaching Final Paper Tell me about yourself and your background. (college you graduated from, where you coached, etc) The person I coached actually graduated from Rutgers University with a Sports Management major and coached in my old high school, Passaic High School. His name is Angelo Gomez and he coaches girls and boys volleyball sport. Angelo Gomez really enjoys his job and enjoys working with high school students because he believes he has a lot to offer. Did you play college ball and where? Angelo Gomez did not play college ball while in college. He said Rutgers University is a Division I school so it is extremely hard to get recruited into a sport, he now knows that most coaches from D1 institutions evaluate students in 11th and even 10th grade and make commitments with them by the end of their junior year. What is your coaching philosophy? (The beliefs and principles that will serve as your guide to action) Angelo defines his coaching philosophy as establishing rules, building and nurturing relationships with his athletes, staying organized, involving his assistant coach, and most importantly help athletes manage their stress. Angelo believes games are more about wins and losses, he explained it is more about learning and improving skills in every practice and games as well as adding new skills. Which of the character traits you demonstrate in your coaching are your strongest and your weakest? His strongest characteristics in coaching are
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