Coaching Special Olympics Experience

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Coaching Special Olympics has provided an opportunity to be a leader and mentor. Over the years, I’ve had great role models, many of them coaches. I like to think that I have been one of those great role models for my athletes. The ways I have been a good example are by eating healthy around them, exercising good manners, and educate the athletes on why continuous exercise is important. This experience shows my commitment to educating others through my own actions.

My research internship was an experience that stimulated my intellectual side. I learned a great deal about research design, procedures, and analysis. Along the way, I encountered several road blocks, but I knew that frustration was not a productive emotion. I sought the help of my mentors and told them the truth: that my data wasn’t making sense and I did not know why. We brainstormed ideas and I researched every night until we discovered that the problem must have had something to do with the low expression of the gene in the particular tissue. At Creighton, I will use my research experience to continue advancing the body of knowledge. Specifically, I would like to participate in the Summer Research Fellowship Program.
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I have learned how to communicate with a diverse group of patients, communicate effectively, be honest with patients, and respect their beliefs and emotions. This experience has been a catalyst of personal growth for me. I will use the lessons and skills I have learned from my job to continue providing excellent comprehensive patient
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