Coca Cola And Its Effects On The World

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If you had an opportunity to solve world hunger you would do it, right? Well a company named Monsanto has set a goal to achieve the mighty task. They look to achieve this goal by creating special seeds that are resistant to pesticides, also which use less water and energy to produce. There are also said to be some big disadvantages to using Monsanto’s methods to producing their seeds that have not yet been researched deeply enough. This raises many questions to people around the world. Many countries who will not even accept seeds from the company over fear of the crops they produce will cause health and environmental detriments. So my question is, can Monsanto solve some of the world’s problems or should we be looking at other better …show more content…

In 1955, Monsanto took over the Lion Oil Company. One of the products Lion Oil produced was ammonia to manufacture ammonium nitrate fertilizer, one of the largest chemical fertilizer products in the United States. Soon after that in the 1960’s the company started producing a chemical called Agent Orange, which was used by the U.S. Military during the Vietnam invasion. The chemical Agent Orange was used to kill any living plant in its path in order to help clear open areas in the dense jungles of Vietnam. During this period of time Monsanto created its first Agriculture Division. The company introduced and commercialized its first herbicides Ramrod Herbicide and Lasso Herbicide. The introduction of these herbicides changed the agricultural community forever because farmers reduced their labor dramatically due to these chemicals.
Several years later Monsanto opened a cell biology research program in their Agricultural Division, which was a step towards the methods they use today. In 1970’s, an organic chemist named John E. Franz was working for Monsanto and discovered the Chemical Roundup (popular herbicide still used today). Then in 1975 the company began commercializing the chemical. Through the 1980’s Monsanto began conducting their first field trials of plants with biotechnology traits. Now in

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