The Monsanto Case Analysis

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The objective of this report is to analyze the differences in Monsanto’s experiences in the United States and Europe and the reasons of opposition in Europe, despite that, why Monsanto pushed ahead so hard.

Monsanto is a leading biotechnology company, which an American-based company. The company had received import approval of some products before concerns were elevated. They responded by launching an advertising campaign to discuss the potential benefits of biotechnology. Monsanto was trying to impose America's food and production systems on the European life. Cultural differences were not factored into the European launch of GM foods by the biotechnology industry.
When Monsanto enter into Europe market, the company did not anticipate
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Europeans became increasingly skeptical that food regulatory authorities could adequately monitor and regulate the food supply. Europe-based NGOs began to champion an anti-biotech movement in Europe, forming collaborative efforts to link and coordinate their activities.

2. The reasons of opposition in Europe
Despite the legality GM foods introduction to Europe, there were many points of resistance by European citizens, consumers, and activists. Monsanto was not prepared for the negative response by environmental protection groups.
① European culture differ from U.S culture
European cultures placed great confidence in knowledge learned through historical experience. Even food practices that were questionable by today’s standards were accepted in Europe of they had been going in for centuries without major incident. Factions of the European public opposed the introduction of GM foods technology, and the majority of European citizens believed more caution was in order. Despite public trepidation, Monsanto continued to stand by its genetic engineering program and planned to push ahead with the introduction of GM foods to the European market. This position was motivated in part by the success of the products in the United States.
②The misunderstanding of advertising in Europe
Monsanto’s introduction of GM foods in Europe faced serious challenges. As a fundamentally new type of food product, GM’s had no historical experience that people could rely on. Many at Monsanto just

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