Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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s: The nursing and midwifery Board of Australia policy and its associated professionals expect nurses to do the following task; a) Nurses requires to respect the dignity, culture, ethnicity, and beliefs of people receiving care and treatment. b) Nurses must maintain privacy and confidentiality of the obtained personal information from their clients. c) They must promotes and preserve the trust and respect of their clients. d) They should support the health and wellbeing and informed decision-making of people needing care. e) They must perform and conduct themselves according to laws relevant to the professions and ethical conduct. The impact of code of professional conduct on an enrolled nurse are; a) As an enrolled nurse, following and keeping oneself updated with the policies of nursing, helps in upgrading the skills required to cope with the nursing profession. b) The code of ethics for nursing can offer additional guidance to the enrolled nurses to deal with their complex roles in caring the patient, research, and management of the health system. c) It also gives additional assistance to the enrolled nurses to adapt themselves in a culturally diverse environment and to make ethical decisions considering people belonging to different backgrounds. d) The code also help the enrolled nurses in their practice and to relieve themselves from moral distress. e) The ethical code of nursing gives an idea in dealing with the administrative duties such as the communication skills

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