Code Of The Suburb : Inside The World Of Young Middle Class Drug Dealers Essay

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The book being reviewed in this papers is Code of the Suburb: Inside the World of Young Middle-Class Drug Dealers by Scott Jacques and Richard Wright. This book is written on the context of 30 different individuals from a small location referenced as “Peachville” in Atlanta Georgia (Jacques & Wright 1). Each of these known individuals during their time in high school were selling drugs. Marijuana was the particular substance to be sold, but few dove into other illicit drugs including ecstasy, cocaine etc. (3). Generally speaking, the first questions that appears is what pushed these students to dive into the prospects of peddling and using drugs? Better yet, why continue to use them? The 7 chapters included in this book contain various stories of popularity and financial gains and losses along with the destruction of relationships. Chapter 1 starts with the initial beginning of the students jump from drug user to distributor. This chapter initially begins talking about the definition of being cool in high school, how drugs made you cool when you were either using or sharing them (7), how the dealers could initially get high for free if they would just buy in bulk and sell off just enough to gain profit or make a profit in general (10-13), along with gaining mass popularity amongst peers. Chapter 2 talks about the dealers locating a provider or “supplier” for drugs. Suppliers are any individual that sells narcotics in bulk or “weight” (25). This initially broke down to

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