Code Switching

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Code Switching Code Switching, in terms of language, is the use of more than one language, by a person or more, during their conversations with each other. Code Switching is done simply because those persons know more than one language and have more than one language in common. This switch may last for a couple of sentences, for only a single phrase or may be only for a single word. It depends on how the persons take it with themselves and the others. In the article Code Switching it is written that “the switch is commonly made according to the subject of discourse, but may be for a variety of other reasons such as the mood of the speaker. For example, a person might only swear in French Language” ( 1 ). As described in the article…show more content…
It helps immigrants and other emigrants to adapt with the new language itself. It can quiet clearly be seen that people who don’t know the native language (currently the new place they are living in) use a mixture of their own language and the new one to express themselves with the locals and also to learn the new one for their adaptabilty. In countries like France, Netherlands and Canada which are multi ethnic, code switching is very common among the immigrants and the locals. For example the article Code Switching says that “within the United States, a country with a large number of Spanish speaking communities, a sentence might contain a mixture of Spanish and English words. In this case the phenomenon is so common it has coined the term ‘Spanglish’”( 1 ). So from this we can come to another point that code switching facilitates the way for new languages to be created. And when new languages are created then certainly new words are formed. Thus a change in people’s accent is inevitable. For these reasons all around the globe immigrants and emigrants have totally differentiated themselves immensely or a bit from the local people by their way of talking, and one can easily figure out who the migrated people actually are. Now the views of the common people and the experts on code switching are very important. This is because of their involvement in conversational code switching and
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