Codes of Gender in Advertising

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Codes of Gender Are the "Codes of Gender" suggested by Goffman apparent in advertising today, and are they a reflection of us as men and women in today's society? Recognizing a person as being female or male is an essential part in our ability in the ways we associate with man or woman. Goffman’s theory, I absolutely believe it is still active in today’s society. Advertisements are everywhere, whether it being in magazines, commercials, billboard signs and many other places something is trying to be sold in order for the public to see and sell their product. The way advertisements portray models give the impression of what femininity and masculinity should be. Goffman’s theory is explaining the relationship there is with power and gender and how everyday norms follow what they see. He explains how femininity and masculinity is presented and how it is portrayed in advertisements. How it basically creates itself. Women are seen as powerless and sexualized for the ways they are being portrayed and positioned in advertisements, particularly when they have man in the picture. Men are shown muscular, powerful and are “indirectly imposed.” Being portrayed like this gives off the impression that as women we need men. Men are seen as dominant, while women are seen as the submissive ones. I believe Goffman’s key concepts do in fact explain everything that is really being portrayed in advertising. I never paid particular attention to it until this was brought to my attention.
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