Coffee And Iced Coffee

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We live in a good time. Think of just a few decades ago, when the idea of iced coffee was foreign, a frappes we’re just a glimmer in the eye of its hot-coffee parents. But as we’ve stepped into a future full of iPhones and Amazon delivery drones, thank the coffee gods we’ve got great iced drinks!

If you’re looking for a few ways to take a break from the ordinary, we’ve got your master list for a summer of caffeinated love. No matter what the occasion, there’s an iced coffee drink out there that’s right for you—and probably more than one that you’ve never even heard of!

Check out this amazing list of treats and make sure to try all your favorites. You never know how it could change your coffee habits forever.


Certainly the most popular new tradition in iced coffee, which is more broadly in the family of “cold brew” coffee. It’s so popular even Starbucks is now adopting it for their menu! …show more content…

The idea is that you let coffee sit, almost French press style, in cold water for 24 hours.
The result is an incredibly smooth, strong coffee that never has to get watered down with melty ice cubes.

Thai Coffee

For the sugar addicts in all of us, Thai coffee is a treat you may not be able to stomach in your every day coffee rotation—but it’s certainly one to add to the weekly treat list.

So as not to have a diluted flavor, Thai coffee is brewed doubly strong. It’s then cut with half and half, cardamom, and a healthy amount of sugar. It’s the kind of wake-me-up most of us need on those hot, groggy mornings.

New Orleans Iced

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