Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Person Center Therapy

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Psychotherapy is one of the leading forms of psychological studies in America. It is used as an very important part in finding out how counseling can help individuals overcome many emotional problems they face in their everyday lives. Even though many of the theories do overlap one another they all are very useful in helping to develop a normal life for indivduals who are looking to achieve a positive goal from therapy. Therapy can also help with clearing up any biases and schemas in a person’s life. The two theories I have chosen to compare is cognitive behavioral therapy and person center therapy. These two styles of therapies have the same goal in mind and that is to change the lives of their clients and build a relationship of…show more content…
The CBT theory has a way of getting to the root of the problem and changing the thought process at the same time. The CBT model has a thought tracking plain that helps alter your thinking process when not in therapy. This helps to keep an accurate record of how the client is handling their thoughts and processes by the time they see their therapist. This type of therapy also help in changing the way clients view their cognitive thinking without much work to the client. The brain is being taught how to rethink and the body is being taught how to change its behavioral response at the same time. Therefore, this therapy can be tracked and used very useful in many different forms of studies. CBT is widely used throughout the psychotherapy community.
On the other hand person centered therapy was developed around the 1940s by Mr. Carl Rogers. He was known to be very radical and revolutionary during his era. This is a nondirective approach form of therapy. This therapy moved away from the idea that the therapist is the expert. Instead it is about the personal relationship that the therapists develop with the client. However, this can only take place if the therapist characteristics are nurturing this helps the client to see the true genuineness in the counselor therapy sessions. Person centered therapy is more like a friendship therapy to me. The counselor must show and be

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