Cognitive Dissonance in Employment

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Cognitive Dissonance in Employment: In a practical sense, cognitive dissonance reactions generally originate from the peoples' perspective of themselves, especially as intelligent and nice people. Generally, the concept or theory of cognitive dissonance helps to understand how people attempt to make sense of the world they live in. However, the theory does not precisely forecast what a person will do minimize or get rid of disagreement. This theory mainly states that a person will be stimulated to do something in order to bring attitudes and behaviors into balance. As a result of its basic focus, cognitive dissonance has significant effects on various fields, especially in risk taking at a place of employment or specific industry. The theory of cognitive dissonance suggests that individuals in dangerous jobs or employment must choose between two conflicting cognitions. Based on one cognition, ego is an intelligent individual who would not choose to get employed in an unsafe place. On the other hand, the second cognition is one in which if the employee continues to work in a dangerous job, he/she will attempt to ignore the cognition that the particular job or employment is dangerous (Akerlof & Dickens, 2001). Notably, the concept of cognitive dissonance was coined to describe the uncomfortable tension that people feel when experiencing conflicting thoughts or beliefs or cognitions. The theory also explains the tensions individuals feel or experience when engaging in

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