Cohabitation Between Marriage And Marriage

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Modern culture is constantly changing; things that were once taboo, and in some instances forbidden are now viewed as normal and are expected. One of these previously taboo ideas is cohabitation. Cohabitation is the act of living together while in a romantic relationship, prior to marriage. (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell, and Rook, p. 450, 2011) More and more couples are cohabitating, according to some studies approximately two-thirds of couples live together before they get married. (Luscombe, 2014) Some couples that lived together before marriage have a strong and healthy relationship, while others end in divorce. Could this have anything to do with cohabitation? While living together may sound like the right idea at the time, it does not come without risks.
Advantages of Cohabitation The time in which some couples spend living together prior to marriage can be very beneficial to their relationship. When couples cohabitate, they are bound to spend more time together, which studies show is the number one reason couples cohabitate in the first place. (Lomardo, 2015) In the past, many women stayed home and waited to become a housewife. In modern society, women are getting a college education, jobs, and have lives outside of the home. This gives couples less time to spend together then in the past. Cohabitation gives couples a chance to spend that extra time together, before and after work, instead of generic texts and phone calls. (Lomardo, 2015) Getting to
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