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Cohabitation Before Marriage is it Good or Bad?
One significant increase in trends is living together before marriage which has created a new term called: Cohabitation. Cohabitation has become very popular among our society in the United States. "According to the latest data from the CDC, nearly half of American women aged 15-44 have lived with a partner sans wedding ring between 2006-2010, up from just 34 percent of women in 1995. Moreover, according to experts, that number has probably continued to rise since 2010." Despite the growing popularity of cohabitation, many Americans continue to have conflicting views. Living together before marriage for some has its …show more content…

Research shows, “Children in cohabitating households face an increase of adverse psycho-social outcomes; such as, emotional and behavioral problems, education difficulties, and the risk of being victims of abuse, especially if no father figure is around.” Lastly, research also states, “Couples who cohabitate have a 46% greater risk of divorce than couples who do not live together before marriage” There are many different factors that can play into what causes the divorce. Something could be as small as an argument over money, children or one partner finally showing their true colors having a fight that ends in wanting a divorce. Alternatively, sometimes it is something that happens over time. Such as, after living together for so long a couple could begin to feel the distance growing between them and as the marriage progresses they grow apart, eventually leading to a drawn out divorce. (Notare, McCord)
In conclusion, both sides have very valid arguments; however, it is very clear that living together before marriage is more common now, as well as more acceptable than it was centuries ago. Studies were showing changes when comparing today, to years ago. First of all, more recent research shows, “ Cohabitation may be keeping divorce rates steady by weeding out couples who would

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