Cold Blood By Truman Capote, A Cold Blooded Killer

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Without the basic necessities such as water and sunlight, a flower will not bloom into a beautiful, colorful creation, but rather wilt into a brown, unrecognizable mess. Just like a flower needs water and sunlight to thrive, a child requires support from a guardian to prosper in every aspect. A secure support system t in a child’s life creates healthy relationships as well as providing the child with a positive perspective and mindset. However in the lives of Perry Smith, a cold blooded killer in the novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, child soldiers, and the children of the street, support from the family is seldom displayed. The absence of support leads these persons to lives filled with hostility and violence; lives of adversity. This goes to show, the absence of support from a parent figure or family unit has negative impacts on a child 's lifestyle.
Throughout numerous areas around the globe, the reality of children living on the street has become a significant issue. This problem is mainly due to the family’s inability to provide adequate care and resources for their child, “Children end up on the streets for a number of reasons, many of which are rooted in family instability and poverty,” (The Children of the Street). Instead of worrying about what games to play or who to play with, these adolescents have to worry about what they will eat for the day or where they will sleep for the night. Children who have ended up on the streets are forced to fend for

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