Colette Sidonie-Gabrielle 'The Hand'

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The Hand
By Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
When it comes to marriage and what it stands for, the short story “The Hand” written by Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette is a complete mockery. It symbolizes anything but what love and marriage should reflect. The young wife, clearly the protagonist, seemed to have found disgust with the antagonist, “the hand” of her husband. The young woman and older man with more power and experience seemed to set a stage of disaster. Marriage should be between two people bound by love with all of their mind and heart. In this case it is all open for questioning.
The hand described the thoughts of a newly wedded young woman’s thoughts as she lay down next to her husband that she barely knew. At first, she was pleased …show more content…

Marriage is something that is sacred and should be shared among two people bound by love. Love needs more than two weeks to evolve into a lifetime commitment such as marriage. This story unfortunately is as real for today’s time as it could have been for this young lady in her time. So many people get married for all the wrong reasons and round up feeling antagonized by their partner’s presence. Even if the marriage is between a man with a woman

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