College Admissions Essay: Finding Passion In Writing

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Some people find passion in reading books, some people find passion in athletics, and some people find passion in writing. I qualify in obtaining enthusiasm in all of those areas, like many other people in the world, but there was another area where I found excitement that not many people can relate to: the ACT. I was driven to receive the best score possible so that I could open doors for my future, and that meant I needed to prepare rigorously. The summer before my junior year, I studied everyday for one to three hours, scrupulously writing down every wrong answer I got on a practice test and hammering it into my brain. I watched videos, read articles, and made myself a special notebook. When it finally became time to the take the test, I felt like I had already done it five times, and I ultimately ended up with a score in my desired range. My stringent studying had paid off well on not only the test, but I realized that I had competent understanding of the ACT and many useful tips and tricks, which I had discovered online for free. Many of my classmates, who would not take the test till spring, were not aware of all the accessible opportunity out there, so I collaborated with my guidance counselor to start my school’s first ever “ACT Study Club.” It became a place where I could speak about the tips that benefited me as well as the most beneficial…show more content…
One that thing brings me incredible motivation to achieve the highest level of success in these fields is knowing that I will have adequate tools to assist the world around me. Whether I’m solving complex problems for a business, creating new technology, diving deeper into the brain and how it can be best utilized, or possibly writing an ACT prep book, I want to utilize my chosen expertise not just to quietly gain more knowledge, but to truly bring what I know out into the world and improve other’s
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