College Admissions Essay: My Interest In Space Science

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“Develop the self so that before every decree God will ascertain you: What is your wish”. The lines my father always quoted to my mom, until he passed away when I was just three. Given the family conditions that time no one has ever thought of me completing even school. It was my mom’s determination that kept our hope alive.
It was a usual day after school, I switched on the television and first thing that popped up was Columbia disaster story. Though watching first-ever rocket launch was mind boggling but that accident got imprinted on my mind forever. My mom said, “She was an Indian scientist and we all are proud of her. Hope you too will make me feel proud one day”
To this day, I still remember her words. This incident ignited my interest beyond the world of books and my favorite Math problems. Gradually, I developed reading habit instead of cramming. Collecting newspaper articles of fascinating science, space and alien encounter news, became my hobby. Later in high school, I burnt nights watching space related videos that sparked my interest more into space science.
Influenced by Kalpana Chawla, I chose
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The curiosity and the confusion were becoming an obsession, so I started internet search, read articles and finally realized that all the news and television series were just an utter malarkey. The talk gave me a sense of reality, an insight into research and is a major factor why I believe in science. This incident pushed my interest from science to planetary sciences. To begin with, I tried reading research articles. Initially, it was a daunting task to grasp even a line. To this problem as my senior advised, I started taking online courses, read theses and learned to code. Considering the workload of undergrad coursework, online courses, two conference papers and four engineering projects including final year undergraduate thesis, my four-year graduation was like an eight-year equivalent
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