College Admissions Essay: Pride On The Breach

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Sideout! It’s game point against Taft High School, our League rival, and I am screaming and cheering at the top of my lungs. You would expect me to be cheering so loudly because I am on the court with my fellow starters, but I am actually sitting on the bench. Most of my teammates riding the bench with me are sulking and cursing our coach for not letting them contribute to our victory. I, on the other hand, pride myself on being the most vocal and supportive player on the team, whether on or off the court.
As a sophomore, I was a dominant starter on JV, won All City honors and was elevated to Varsity for the playoffs. During the playoffs, I sat on the bench every game, but I still felt that I contributed to our win at the Division 1 City Championships. At the award ceremony, I received a medal for the time and work I put in for the team, but a senior who also did not receive much playing time was left without a medal. Without hesitation, I offered my medal to the senior and, of course, she accepted. I was ultimately awarded a replacement medal, but I missed out on wearing one to school with the rest of the Varsity squad.
The following season, I spent most of my time on the bench while the
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I take pride in having a strong relationship with every girl from the Frosh/Soph team to the Varsity squad. I may not be a captain, but I know I am an influential leader on the team. I have witnessed my team losing with no spirit and dominating with energy and determination after I come off the bench cheering and high-fiving everyone. It will always be easier for some to give up and blame others for losing or not playing, but it’s more fun to be enthusiastic and spirited. I plan on always being a positive and self-motivated person because there is nothing I love more than hyping up my team and improving their morale, particularly when it helps spur us to
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