College Admissions Essay: The Life Of Me

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The Life of... well, “ME” "I have always Imagined Life as a useless bag of possibilities; no matter which one I chose I already knew who I was and who I was going to be. Out of all those paths and choices I could always see greatness. Even if it meant the spotlight will not shine on me.
My Life was all for you, Abejita.
Remember you are not alone, you haven’t been since you where born."

These where her last words to me, the last thing she said while I held her hand against my face.

She didn't smile, she didn't cry, she just looked at me with a straight and calm face, as if she expected me to read her feeling or somehow understand. But I didn't, it was a strange foreign concept I didn't seem to grasp.

‘She looks peaceful’ Words
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After all when someone loves you hard enough they see all sorts of wonderful things in you. But all of those quality seems different than who I claimed to be.

I spent the night thinking of that, what could she see did I do not. What did she mean, what did she want to tell me.
After hour of restlessness, I found my self staring at the ceiling imagining all of my past adventures as a child. All the times I was that person she imagined, brave, courageous and strong. After a while I found my self-browsing thru old memories, pictures of time lost.
A picture of my third birthday, wearing blue overalls. crying over my spilled red soda.

A picture of me running after a butterfly with a butterfly net, and a second one of me catching it.

A picture of my first fish that I had caught on a camping day.

A picture of the Light pink delivery room, that seem as if taken out of a Stephen Grimes paintings. Where I could se no one but my mother and her me smiling as if I had won my first lottery ticket. There it was my mother, her, me and the blur. All picture had the blur, all pictures had more than just us or just me.
That was when I understood; I just needed the courage so see beyond. I needed to remember who I
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