College Admissions Essay: What Makes Me Who I Am?

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One success that makes me who I am is learning to sing. I love music, and I especially love to sing. The feeling I get when I sing is unlike any other. I feel more connected to the world. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve always been able to sing. This, however, is not the case. My mom is really into singing, she likes to make up songs as she goes about what she’s doing. When I was little, I loved to hear her sing, and would request certain songs. Mom tried to teach me how to sing myself, but I just couldn’t seem to get it. One day, as we were walking in a Walmart parking lot, Mom sang the scales from The Sound of Music, and I managed to sing it too. I was off pitch, but after that, Mom was able to teach me how to sing. Learning how to sing was a really big success for me. Being in chorus and singing are integral parts of who I am today, and through singing I’ve learned important lessons, such as following directions, when to open my mouth (and when to keep it shut), and most importantly, how to empathize …show more content…

I was starting 6th grade, my mom and my dad, who had divorced when I was almost three, started a custody battle over me. I loved both my mom and my dad, and had been living both with my mom and with my dad, each parent getting me every other weekend and after school half of each week. At the time, both my mom and my dad lived in Virginia, but when my mom moved to South Carolina, my dad moved to Wisconsin. From that point, my dad said he wanted custody of me. Mom thought I would be happier living mainly with her. What followed was an intense custody battle, which the judge who decided said was the worst he had ever seen. Whenever I was with my dad, he talked bad about my mom, and, while my mom refrained from talking bad about my dad, I could tell she was very stressed. Both of my parents were too busy with the custody battle to really spend a lot of time with

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