College Admissions Essay: Writing Into The Future Classroom

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One day, I hope to be a history teacher, high school, upper high school to be specific (I don’t handle tweens well… and I don’t know how to talk to kids, I know it’s shocking). But high school history doesn’t really tend to emphasize your opinions, your history, your anything. My AP history classes were dark classrooms with seats in perfect rows. I walked in everyday, sat in my assigned seat, took out my notebook, and wrote as my teachers lectured for 45 minutes everyday. Now I love history, I really do, and AP World history was potentially one of my all time favorite classes, but I wasn’t your average high school student, and your average high school student isn’t necessarily a fan of school, let alone ancient civilizations and dates, but…show more content…
I want to show my students not only that they matter, but that who they are matters to me, and through this I want to show them that we’re closer to each other than we think we are, this world is interconnected, and not just by trade routes and globalization. Just think about how crazy interconnected the world is—the Chinese knew it! When you write for history, yes the facts are important, dates and specific moments in time, but to think at a higher level it is important to look at how the world grew together, what brief interactions were important and changed the course of time. For example, what if the Treaty of Versailles went a little easier on the Germans? Their inflation wouldn’t have become so bad and it’s entirely possible that Hitler never would have risen to power.

Within this project I would ask my students to think about their lives like they’re monumental historical stories, what moments and people and brief interactions are important in their lives, what moments had a lasting effect on who they are and why they’re at where they are today, etc. No matter what subject, kids are important, as are their thoughts and opinions
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