Latrobe: A Brave New World

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The history that is discussed in classrooms today is not what it once was. History is no longer held with the same value as it was once before. History repeats itself. We can learn the story of history and unpack it to understand. Through history we can learn the effects of change. Through history we learn so much.
As we read Bailyn’s essay, we begin to look at how the American people are really separated from the old world due to the vast ocean that lies between us. We have been greatly influenced by the cultures and languages of others. However, we are quite separated from them.
LaTrobe came to a conclusion that throughout the United States, “if on any part of his earthly creation, the finger of God has drawn characteristics which would seem to indicate the seat of empire—surely it is there!” I think
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Australia has a very similar, but also different background. “[It was] something of the global diaspora of British culture and it’s creative encounter with two quite different environments.” Both cultures have proved to be very different over the last few decades, but both countries have had to face the consequences of overthrowing confinements of provincialism. They have each created their own identities, but can share the common interest of being culturally diverse while having a background in British culture. The country, of Australia, began, much like America, with a group of British societies settling down and destroying the world that had been created by the aboriginal people who were already there. Both countries are different, but also similar in some ways.
It has been noted that there are many parallels between Australian and American History. This is an observation that I find interesting. In our lives, especially in grade school, we learn a lot about American history, and little bits and pieces of the history that evolved other various countries into what we know today. However, how much do we really learn about Australian
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