College As A Social Clean Slate

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I often wonder what the purpose of life is. Does everything happen for a reason, meaning that we don’t really have any control over our life, or is life just the sum of all the choices we make? Is the purpose of life to be happy or is it to fulfill our duties? Should we settle and appreciate what we already have and feel at peace with it or should we struggle and fight to make a difference in our lives?
After being done with high school I was looking forward to go abroad for my studies. The reason was not because I wanted to have a better education though. I was thinking of college as a social clean slate. I couldn’t wait to start living on my own, away from my overprotective, over-scrutinizing family. Imagine all the fun I would have! Parties every day, staying out all night, inviting friends and girls over at my place. I wanted to go abroad and live on my own but for the wrong reasons. Pretty childish thoughts yes; I was still a boy.
I applied to some great universities in Italy, and I was offered the opportunity to move either to Rome or Milano to continue my education. I researched both cities and their lifestyle and contacted some friends of my friends who were actually living and studying there. Their comments weren’t quite what I expected to hear.
“Well have fun as much as you can while you are still in Albania because once you get here it’s all about working and studying. You won’t even have enough time to sleep.”
“In Milano rent is expensive, I pay 550

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