Existentialism And Nihilism : The Value Of Your Life

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The value of your life isn't really something that can be measured. Some people consider your life more valuable than others, and some don't. Your parents love you, and would trade everything they own to save your life, but the majority of people wouldn't do the same. Although Your life may hold more value to some humans than others, but how much is your life actually worth, and what gives your life its value?

There are two main viewpoints that answer this question; Nihilism and Existentialism. Nihilism is the idea that life itself is intrinsically, fundamentally and inherently meaningless. Existentialism, on the other hand, is the belief that every human is born without a given meaning, and it's up to us to figure out what gives our life that meaning. Furthermore, the idea that God gave you a predetermined purpose is not a very popular one, among neither theists nor philosophers, so I'll only be discussing these two viewpoints.

As humans, we strongly want to believe that our lives have meaning, because we are creatures who need meaning, but we're abandoned in a universe full of meaninglessness; so we cry into the wilderness, getting no response, but we keep crying anyways. Moreover, the answer to our cries for meaning might come in the form of religion, being a good person, or just enjoying yourself. However, to existentialists, there is no answer. We must create our own meaning. The main idea of existentialism is that no human was born with a predetermined
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