College Athletes : The Masters Of Multitasking

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College athletes with out a doubt are the masters of multitasking. Not only being able to play there individual sports at a high level but also finding the time to dedicate to there academics and achieve relatively decent grades. The amount of time that they dedicate to there university out on the game field and in the classroom should be deserving of a reward. Some argue that the problem would be that not every school can afford to give college athletes a decent compensation in every sport; for instance teams that do not bring in a lot of revenue such as tennis, lacrosse, track & field, and wrestling. The NCAA however with their large revenues has the ability of format such a business flow. So with this information in mind it should be settled that the NCAA with the assistance of the individual colleges should enact a sports law that guarantees that the athletes of every sport are given a decent compensation for there individual use.

Since officially being created in 1906 the NCAA has grown into one of the top non profit organizations in the world. Back then although the NCAA was young its policies were strict and its punishments were harsh. For the NCAA paying college athletes was and still is a huge violation of there college athletic law. They believe that paying college athletes takes the amateur feel out of the collagen sport and turns it essentially Minor league professional sport. There strong opinion on this topic the harshest punishment that the NCAA has ever

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