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  • Winning A One Loss Florida Gators Team Won The Southeastern Conference Title Game

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    play with contenders in the power conferences. In 2007 a one loss Florida Gators team won the Southeastern Conference title game and jumped ahead of number two Michigan who didn’t play that week. In 2004 an undefeated Auburn Tigers team was not able to able to play for the National Championship because they started out at a ranking of 17 in the beginning of the season and were not able to jump ahead of USC or Oklahoma since they went undefeated as well. Critics argue that if the change was made to

  • Which Conference Is The Best College Football Conference?

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    Which conference is the best college football conference? By: Colin Carnes Newton County Theme School 8th Grade Sociology Curry-Miller Verification Page I verify that I, Colin James Carnes, researched this topic and typed as my father, Rod Carnes helped me to research. My mother, Wendi Carnes, helped me to edit this paper by choosing a variation of words and phrases that will not cause me to become repetitive. We did this together. “I verify that this paper was typed by me, Colin Carnes”

  • Tharp 3: A Brief Biography Of Paul Bryant

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    Tharp 3 Paul Bryant was born on September 11, 1913 in New Edinburg, Arkansas. He was the eleventh of twelve children. He was the son of William Monroe and Ida Bryant. “Paul got the nickname “Bear” after wrestling a muzzled bear at a carnival”. After the death of his father, they moved to Fordyce, Arkansas. Bryant participated in football, basketball, baseball, and track. He also played as an offensive lineman and defensive end in the 1930 Arkansas State high school football champion team (“Paul Bryant”1)

  • Southeastern Conference and Auburn Tigers

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    Lauren Deatherage October 31,2011 Rhetoric and Research MWF 2:00- 2:50 Dr. Aaron Adams “The Culture of Auburn University Football” To the majority of America, Auburn University Football is just a sport. To the thousands of Auburn Tigers fans worldwide, it is so much more than that. Tim Stanfield describes it as “…more than a game…it’s a passion” (Stanfield et al. 61). The culture surrounding Auburn Tigers football is a family and tight-knit community. As Pat Dye, past coach of the Auburn

  • Sports and Money

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    There, excluding bonuses, USA TODAY found the average coach's salary is $1.4 million. That's more than three times the average of $419,000 in the middle- to lower-echelon Conference USA, Mountain West, Western Athletic, Mid-American and Sun Belt. This is an empirical evidence that coaches now make millions in sports, both in professional sports and college sports. Sports has become a monetary attracting tool to schools involve

  • College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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    For decades college athletics have been a huge money making business and for decades the players at these universities have been the ones making the majority of it. The issue with this topic is that college athletes receive nothing more than a scholarship which is sometimes not enough. Many college athletes have spoken out about this issue and the NCAA has fired back in response. The NCAA argues that these athletes are not professionals and do not deserve payment. If college athletes were to receive

  • Physical Environment Of Football

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    experience at the stadium, there are also some areas that could be improved. There are over thirty-seven thousand students that attend The University of Alabama. The college is well-known for its championship football team who reigns in the Southeastern conference of every year. You can probably imagine the enormous population that is in attendance at each football game. Winning championships is not the only thing that keeps the fans coming. The physical aspects of the stadium are appealing enough to

  • Racism in College Football

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    university however, this was not always the case. Less than fifty years ago, the Ole Miss football program was just as segregated as it had been in its early days. As a whole, the Southeastern Conference of the NCAA was the last to instrgarate black athletes with the current white ones (Paul 297, 284). Of the ten teams in the conference at the time, the University of Mississippi was the last to integrate (Paul 287). This integration of the team took place ten years after the University itself was integrated

  • College Athletes Should be Paid

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    College Athletes Kim Kardashian’s ex lover is not just famous for dating a “Kardashian”; he was more famous for the controversial issue with the NCAA due to proceeds given to him for his ability on the field. Reggie Bush made a lot of accomplishments while being a college athlete. Because of his skills, he was rewarded an amount of money. While Reggie Bush was playing at the University of Southern California, statistics show that the college generated roughly fifty-five million dollars. That’s

  • Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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    Aaron Harrison, guard for the University of Kentucky, made a contested 3 pointer with only 2.6 seconds left in the game to beat the #2 seed Michigan. The unexpected 75-72 victory took the Kentucky Wildcats, #8 seed, to the final four and was a victory en route to the national championship game that they ended up losing. For Harrison’s game-winner, Kentucky Athletic Director and basketball coaching staff made $329,166 in bonuses. This money is only a fraction of the revenue that was created for