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College Cafeteria and health Eating Behavior of College Students and The Use of Cafeteria The interlocked relationship between cafeteria, emotional snacking and prevention of eating disorder symptoms may seem impractical. Despite coming from a different scope of study, these topics are indirectly related. Cafeterias, in colleges and universities, not only offer different types of foods, snacks, and beverages, but they play a major role in the molding healthy lifestyle of students. University students are at a critical phase in their lives to decide about their health and eating behavior (Mann and Blotnicky). Health complications resulting from poor eating behavior such as obesity, diabetes and eating disorder along with academic and finical …show more content…

Indeed, the importance of cafeteria at the HCC Stafford campus has not been unnoticed by the by the college board of Trustees or other concerned bodies. However, this issue should be taken action immediately. This phase of young adults is a critical period of shaping their health and wellbeing. As mentioned earlier cafeteria help as a guide to a healthy lifestyle in colleges. However, the above points should also address how not having a cafeteria at HCC Stafford could impact the …show more content…

This will be illustrated by focusing on their common ground; Bing eating. Bing eating, a symptom of an eating disorder, is category an emotional eating factor which is driven by stress and other influencers. Eating disorder symptoms can arise from academic stress, depression, feelings of ineffectiveness and social insecurity (Berg, Frazier, and Sherr (2009). With this mind, it will be practical to discuss the importance of cafeteria to minimize the damages of emotional eating or snacking and symptoms of eating

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