College Education Is Worth The Cost Of College

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Most Americans grow up in their late teenage years with the idea that they will go to college. However, few individuals take the time to think about the essence of a college education. For some people college education is worth it whiles for others it may not be worth the cost. General assumption of not making it to college and still making it in life has now become a wise saying for desperate people who have decided to chase money but not a career. A recent study emphasized that one can eventually make it without going to college but how many people do make it happen. The straightest course to achievement in life is manifested in College, and therefore, it is worth every dime one decides to invest in college. However, It also doesn’t mean you will automatically be successful in life if you are done with college, but the statistics from many studies shows that the probability of College graduates making it to the top after finishing college is higher than as compared to undergraduate college students.
One of the fundamental reasons why individuals go to college is to make money and feel comfortable shortly. However, most parents especially, in the United States spent most of their family investment to send their children to school because they view education as an investment. In Rodney Smith essay “yes, a college Education is Worth the Cost” he stated that graduates enjoy increased opportunity for employments at higher rates of pay, providing them with the courage to pay off

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