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I handled the metal nervously; nervously, my willful negligence deliciously tormenting me. A single bullet, and with it the power to exert my will upon whatever I wished. I had no need for a gun. I wouldn't have been permitted to own one even if I had needed to. The bullet was illicitly sourced from underneath the front porch of a friends old cabin. Though initially ordered by my parents not to keep it, their pleas went unheeded. Adrenaline coursed through my veins, filling my heart with artificial courage. Not once did the idiocy of actions cross my six year-old brain, why should it? With not a single being present on the neighborhood block besides myself, I prepared to let my naive curiosity get the better of me.
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In my youth, I surmised in my incredible guilt and immaturity, that the bullet had probably killed someone. Tormented by my conscience and sure that I would be deaf for life, I finally confessed my error to my parents.Trembling from fear towards the inevitability of what I was about to face, my sweaty hands finally succeeded in opening the door to my parents room.
“I have something to tell you.” I muttered.
My parents glanced questioningly towards me.
“You know those bullets I found under the cabin?”
The disappointment already shown in my parents eyes; they knew exactly what was coming.
My dry cracking lips moved slowly, articulating the entire incident to the very people who had ordered me not to take the bullet. I professed my fear that my reckless behavior had led to the untimely demise of someone else. My parents were disappointed, and certainly a little bit shocked, but not angry. Luckily to my great surprise, no one was killed and my hearing soon returned, but the guilt was the hardest to deal with. From that day forward, I swore I would think over every minute action, I would live my life in such a way that I could be free of regret. This obligation to myself has held me accountable for all my actions. Just as the danger of an errant bullet puts the safety of everyone including it’s shooter at risk, actions taken without thought are likewise harmful. That is not to say that an event with risk is ruled out for the
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