College Golf Course Is A Place I Call My Home

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Introduction Cambridge Golf Course is a place I call my home. The eighteen-hole public golf course is in Evansville, Indiana about thirty minutes south from my hometown of Owensville, Indiana. Being a fairly long and open course with tall grasses that line each hole, it is one of the hardest courses in Southern Indiana. The course is intertwined with a subdivision filled with grand houses, and the stone covered Clubhouse with a large clock sits at the end of the street. There is a back patio where my high school team gathered after matches to turn in their scores and talk about their round. This place is not only where I met some of my closest friends, but also where I have spent countless hours devoted to improving my golf game, as well…show more content…
She has supported me by going to all my matches, driving me to and from Cambridge Golf Course, and assisting my team and coaches. Jill Sensmeier, my prime resource for this paper, I chose to interview further because one of her survey responses sparked my curiosity. Another family member I surveyed is my father, Jay Sensmeier, he has pushed and expected the most of me as a golfer and more importantly as a person. Even during farming harvest season, he was there supporting me; he would shut down the combine to watch me play at Cambridge. Without my dad’s support I would not have learned how important the value of personal determination is. The final family member I surveyed and later interviewed is not only my sister, but also my teammate, Rachel Sensmeier. I choose to interview her for her perspective as my teammate. Unlike my parents, she was with me during practice, long bus rides, and team gatherings. She closely watched as I matured and developed through the game of golf. Results I sent the same email of eight questions to Jill, Jay, and Rachel Sensmeier, and surprisingly received similar answers for a majority of the questions. For question one I asked, “Which value do you think I have developed the most from my time on Cambridge golf course.” With that I constructed three multiple choice answers: A. Maturity, B. Determination, and C. Responsibility. Jay and Rachel Sensmeier voted for answer
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