College Level Reflection Paper

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While registering for a college-level course, last year, I questioned how difficult the class would be. I had taken a course the previous semester that had covered the basics in business and economy, yet this would be the first course in English—a topic that I had been told, on many occasions, that I excelled in. Because of this, I came into this year’s English class confident and sure that I would receive top marks easily. Unfortunately, it was not so. I struggled through several of the assignments given to me, yet I learned several new techniques and gained insight in what a college-level essay truly consists of. Because of this class, I learned of the importance of transitions between points, the importance of reducing wordiness in sentences, and the importance of explaining information and quotations fully.
Over the course of this class, my essays have changed and improved in the way of transitions. At the beginning of the semester, I wrote an introductory reflective essay that covered how I felt about reading or writing. While I enjoyed researching and thinking over the topic thoroughly, the actual act of writing it went poorly, according to the feedback I received from my teacher. The paper was riddled with pencil marks describing issues, the most prevalent of these being transitions between points and paragraphs. I had been previously taught to write a sentence at the end of a paragraph explaining all that I covered in it, to sum it up. Unfortunately, academic,
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