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Growing up I was always told that I was very mature for my age, I always attributed that to the fact that even though I have many siblings I was very much raised as an only child and set in my ways before the first one came around. So as my parents got more and more busy I just started doing things for myself. That and my acute perception skills made it fairly easy to remove the shroud of childhood wonder that blocks the truths of the world. Looking back I realized that’s only part of the reason why, it’s also because for the most part I spent my childhood alone my parents became emotionally distant early on and I only saw my friends at school, this solitude is what caused a false sense of maturity because I had no one to influence my energy. It is the group that determines your current maturity. You can see this best in a day I spent with my friends not two weeks ago, where we almost pulled a Benjamin Button and, in a way, aged backwards. At our oldest, the night started simple enough with Mario and Wii Sports, the usual yelling, laughing, and jokes. Tommy was leaving the state with his fiancé the following week and we wanted to send him off right. After about 2 hours of different Wii games we decided to play darts. During darts is when things got interesting, it was like we were no longer teens in their friends basement but Twenty-Somethings in a bar catching up after years. The conversational topics changed from Cartoons and Videogames to Life, Tommy’s recent engagement

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