College Racism

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Do you believe that racism still exist today? Well in fact most people believe that racism is not a problem within the school system anymore. However, racism is still very prominent today especially in the school systems. Unfortunately, racism and discrimination believe it or not still happens towards African American college students to this day in age, the twenty first century for crying out loud.. To further explain College racism, this research will address multiple racial incidents that have occured in various college and even university campuses to this day, and of course how these racial discriminations affect many African American students. Then there will be some examples of other colleges and universities that do not have much of these racial issues and finally there will be some ways in which racial issues can be diminished throughout the school system for not only African American students but also for all attending school.

College racism can be many different actions such as verbal abuse as well as physical abuse towards others. Nobody is born racist it is simply the way that you are raised. Jennifer Richardson a social psychologist stated “people learning to be whatever their society and culture teaches them” (qtd. in Wan and Kaplan).And in this case our society has much to do with the way that we as a society view others and treat others as well. Maybe its is simply because they are different or have another perspective on life and society had reprogrammed

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