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Going into college I thought I had everything figured out and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my major and how I was going to succeed with it. Now, I find myself going into week 3 of college with the thought of changing my whole plan of attack. I knew I wanted to change my major but wasn’t quite sure how to do so or even what to change it too. After attending The Business Kick-off event, all my questions were fully answered. By attending this event, I was able to fully understand the College of Business, discover the different areas it has to offer and how to successfully use everything that is offered to you.

The College of Business has many clubs, learning groups, and organizations that are offered to its students involved in …show more content…

When in smaller group or club, it creates an easier atmosphere to understand certain topics and ask questions that will be responded with more in-depth answers. Getting involved at GCU is key to becoming a successful student in and out of the classroom.

Here at GCU, we are surrounded with many helpful deans, faculty members and staff that are here to help and ensure academic greatness. These amazing people are here to help us in any way possible to make sure we succeed after our four years at Grand Canyon. The best way to utilize this group of people is by, asking them questions on assignments you don’t understand, getting involved with any extra activities or clubs they have to offer and simply engaging with them. This could mean getting involved in their class debates or just paying attention to them when they are teaching. All of these are successful ways to utilizes this group of people. At the end of the day, this group is going to be helping us try to reach our academic goal, whether that may be getting an internship or starting your own business, these people are the influencers in our lives and are going to help us succeed during and after our time at Grand Canyon University.

Throughout this kick-off event, I didn’t find much information on what I need to achieve academically to be successful in the future. I know that internships, excellent GPA, and volunteer hours are all things that I will need in

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