College Tennis Personal Statement

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A few years ago I was training to be professional tennis player at one of India’s top tennis academies. I had been playing tennis only for ten months when my tennis coach suggested I participate in the upcoming national level fastest serve tennis tournament. There was a fear in me, a fear of facing the more skilled, experienced, and accomplished competition, yet my mind wanted to overcome that fear and trust my coach and ten months of training. My coach had immense faith in my abilities to perform well, but being the underdog, I lacked the confidence to compete alongside top ranked players. As the tournament date grew closer, I found myself battling between two paths - give in to my fear and surrender any chance of winning, or escape my comfort…show more content…
Although college tennis was the main reason I came to the United States and was offered a tennis scholarship to play NCAA Division II tennis at University of Minnesota, Crookston, I soon found myself gravitating more towards academics. The opportunity to pursue college tennis came to me once again when I transferred to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities the following year, but a deep cut on my right thumb a week before the tennis tryouts left me barely able to write, let alone hold a tennis racket. Sure, it was disappointing, but I was quickly able to shift gears and focus on college. Soon after it was time for me to declare my major and chose Economics as I had enjoyed studying it in high school, but half way into my college career, I realized that as much as I was enjoying Economics, it wasn't seeming like a life-long profession to me. I thrived on human interactions and wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to work directly with people and be of service to…show more content…
It has been the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of my
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