Colonial New England and Religious Tolerance Essay

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Colonial New England and Religious Tolerance

Throughout the seventeen hundreds, thousands of immigrants came to the New England region, seeking refuge from European persecution. These early colonist yearned for a domicile were they could indulge in religious freedom, a heavy contrast to the strict religious persecution they experienced in their native countries. Aspirations such as these hold the initial sentence in the statement: “The New England colonies were founded upon the promise of religious freedom,” to be valid. On the contrary, there are several cases from the New England colonies that make the second sentence of the statement, “Those who wish to practice their religioun freely were able to do so,” to be invalid …show more content…

This in turn would give birth to the Church of England, or the Anglican Church, which was headed by the king of England. Henry’s actions stimulated
English religious reformers to undertake a total purification of English Christianity. Calvinism fed the social unrest and provided spiritual comfort to the economically disadvantages of English
Puritans. The mixture of “visible saints” and the King’s subjects in their congregation appalled extreme Puritans, or Separatists. This led King James I, who reigned from 1603-1625, to believe that if his subjects defied him as their spiritual leader, than they would not hesitate to defy him as their political leader. This, henceforth, led to the harassment of Separatist off their land and looking for a refuge to live free from religious intolerance. Continuing turmoil in England sprouted the Great Migration of the 1630s. Seventy thousand refugees left England seeking a better life. Due to their continues persecution from the English authorities, a congregation of
Separatist fled for Holland in 1608, only to lead a twelve year life of toil and poverty. The
“Dutchification” of their children and the need to live as purified Puritans led the congregation to believe that America was a logical refuge. After securing the rights to settle under the Virginia
Company’s jurisdiction, the

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