Colonialism In Heart Of Darkness

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The subject of colonialism has appeared in various literary works. More specifically, this subject has been viewed through a variety of different perspectives and often, these literary works tend to address the problems and consequences related to it. Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness explores the hypocrisy of colonial efforts carried out by white Europeans, the brutal conditions and exploitation of the black natives and Africa, as well as the effect colonialism had on white Europeans. Conrad depicts this criticism of colonialism through his use of characters as symbolic illustrations and distinct contrasting images and concepts. The title itself allows readers to delve into the novella for any idea on what could be meant by the idea of darkness and Conrad reveals this to some extent.
Heart of Darkness explores different issues surrounding colonialism, but one particular issue that is developed throughout the novella is that of the hypocrisy that envelops the white Europeans’ colonial efforts. This hypocrisy is especially evident in the rhetoric used to justify colonialism. The company and those who colonized describe their efforts as rational, well-organized, and benevolent. They describe it as a way of introducing civilization and providing “enlightenment” for the natives which they target throughout Africa, specifically in the Congo for The Company. In fact, Marlow’s aunt, who aided in his receiving the position to travel to the Congo, is a symbol for the perspective

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