Colonialization In Africa And The Colonization Of Africa

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Primary sources from Europeans, Amerindians, and Africans had revealed the early modern Atlantic world was developed by colonization, and the experience faced by each civilization. As the Europeans began to colonize the Amerindians land it had been done by war to capture riches and land. Colonization of Africa had been established much early by the Europeans using their land for human-slave and merchant trade. The different civilizations had experienced this processing of developing the modern Atlantic world differently. The Europeans sought these new lands as a way to expand its civilization by gaining wealth and power. As for the Amerindians and Africans they had an experience that was developed through devastation and loss of their humanity. The process of colonizing the Amerindians land had been by bloody battles at the sword of the Europeans. The primary source A Short account of the Devastation of the Indies by Bartolomeo de Las Casas describes the Spaniards conquest over the Native people called “Indians”. The Spaniards discovered the luxurious riches within these lands and greed fueled the Spaniards to takeover. According to the source the large islands were densely populated, which he estimated to be more than three million persons prior to the attacks on the natives. Bartolomeo had described the Indians to lack hatred and vengeance because they were humble, patient, and peaceable people. Spaniards took advantage of their weakness and slaughter most of the
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