Economic Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution involved different countries against Great Britain. Economic problems and political disagreements occurred throughout the fight. Debt from the past war and laws that forced ideas and rules upon the colonists angered them. Although the American Revolution had both acts of politics and economics, the war was more of an act of economics than politics. The American Revolution began, before the battles had even started. A lot lead to the revolution, and the economic problems were the main reason. In 1651, the English Parliament passed the Navigation acts which told the colonists that any product not produced by England itself (cotton, tobacco, and sugar) were to be shipped from the colonies only to England. …show more content…

Even though Great Britain tends directly to involve North America in European Wars, such as the seven years war or French and Indian War, it has allowed other nations to befriend the American colonies against Great Britain who has enemies surrounding them. Thomas Paine believed that rebellion was in order, and it was only good judgment in practical matters to revolt against the mother country, to gain independence. Before Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was a law that placed a tax on all printed paper they used. Ship’s papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, playing cards, sermons, and other publications were taxed. Each taxed item had a small stamp placed on them signifying that taxes had been placed on them. Benjamin Franklin told the English Parliament that the colonies are taxed heavily to support the civil and military establishments of the country, and to discharge the heavy debt contracted in the recent war. Benjamin Franklin told Parliament there is not enough gold and silver to pay the stamp duty for even a year. Benjamin Franklin tried to explain how the colonies raised, and paid for the seven years’ and French and Indian War, spending millions on the military and equipment. Franklin stood his ground and spoke his mind while talking to Parliament about the

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