Colorism In African American Culture

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What is Colorism & How was it implemented in various cultures? Colorism comes in different forms between different cultures, as well as within the same cultures. Colorism between African-Americans, Caucasians, and Indians has been a huge problem for many years now. It is sometimes harder for african-americans, and minorities to get jobs, and other opportunities. While colorism is different from racism they are closely related.
“Colorism is a form of intergroup stratification generally associated with black people in the
United States but is present among all people of color.”
( ) While colorism is a huge problem in today’s society, I don’t agree with it because it is unfair, unjust, and disrespectful. Colorism is generally associated with African-Americans, and is essentially the differences between light skin, and dark skin. The term has existed in the african-american community since slavery began, and it was established by slave owners who apparently saw a difference between those with lighter skin opposed to darker skin. Oftentimes those …show more content…

The term “pigmentocracy, or colorism is the practice of interracial groups applying a valuation to lighter skin” ( In India this is informed in various ways including, the caste system, media, and cultural practices. Similar to African-Americans, and light skin versus dark skin debates Indians have to deal with the same theory. The theory that those with the lighter skin, are “superior” to those that are darker. Oftentimes those that are darker are seen as inferior, to those with light skin. The media often shows people of a lighter skin tone than those with more pigmented skin. There are usually more light people, and maybe one or two darker people. This all goes into play with how huge of problem colorism is

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