Columbine Documentary Techniques

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The Documentary Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore produced in 2002 focuses on American gun culture and how impacting it is to not only America but also the world. Moore uses this documentary as a ploy to persuade viewers of his viewpoint that gun laws should be outlawed in America by using various techniques such as selection of detail, audio, visuals and facts and statistics. . It was produced three years after the Columbine school shooting in 1999 and this adds to his argument. Throughout the documentary different audio is used to appeal to the viewer’s emotions in order for them to be convinced of Moore’s viewpoint. An example of this is the wonderful world sequence which is a montage of horrifying pictures displayed with the positive and upbeat song “What a wonderful world “ being played in the background. This alone creates a deep irony in the audio and the use of sarcasm in…show more content…
If opinion was used the viewer would be led to distrust the opinion as it simply is just a viewpoint that’s what makes facts and statistics so successful in persuasion The ones used in this documentary are also very astonishing and unbelieving adding to the impact felt on the viewer’s. A good example of this is the fact that the “UN estimates 500,000 Iraqi children die from bombing and sanctions.” This fact itself is devastating and gets the viewer to think about how violent American culture is leading them to side with Moore. In addition, it comes from a trusted source the UN adding to the viewer’s trust of this fact. To add, this gives the viewer the impression killing is a part of the us governments agenda thus further detracting from the viewer’s trust in them. The use of facts and statistics in this documentary act to persuade viewers of Moore’s viewpoint as there is no room for
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