Columbine Shooting Changes

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Since the day America was shocked to hear reports of a school shooting on April 20, 1999, America’s schools have changed in order provide a safer environment, ease any fears among the public, and protect students. The Columbine Massacre triggered an earthquake of changes throughout the school system. Like any earthquake, the shock was felt, then there may be a few aftershocks, but eventually it subsides and things become more lenient. Is this a problem? To figure this out we must look at the changes the massacre brought, their progression, and furthermore, where we are now. As soon as the news hit the country, there was shock. So many different articles with different reports and claims, most of which turned out to be false, were released onto the masses. However, after fact finding and checking was done, there was a lot to be learned about. First and foremost, how potential shooters are characterized was changed. “There is no profile”(page 322) This information changed how people in school were viewed, at least after research was done. The first reaction was very different. Across the country every …show more content…

There were a ton of new implementations that are just seen as natural now. Certain schools implemented some of the following: metal detectors, security cameras, required ID badges, banned backpacks and utilized on-campus police officers. New tolerance policies were implemented and Crisis/Emergency plans became a thing. Perhaps one of the biggest changes were student privileges. In Columbine, we see how students were able to interact and the rules in place then. It was not uncommon to leave the building but now that has changed. In the past entrance through side or back doors was seen as common, now the main entrance is is supposed to be used. Parking restrictions and rules have been implemented and off campus lunches have changed dramatically. Overall the effects were massive in the changing of the school system and its

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