Essay about Comapring Porters 5 Forces for the Airline Industry

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Assignment # 1
Strategic Practice Exercise: (page #81)
1. Score each competitive force in the airline industry and provide a brief rationale for your assessment.
· Rivalry Among Existing Firms: (High)
When one major company in an industry makes a change in costs or services that could potentially increase their clientele, a major competitor almost always follows suit. Price matching is a prime example of that, therefore the threat is high. West Jet is one company that offers flights at a discount and forced Air Canada to create new banners to compete with the discounted prices. All major companies and firms in an industry watch each other’s every move very carefully, and match any move with a countermove. During slow season in the airline …show more content…

Therefore, the threat of substitution is a significant factor in the airline industry. However, if a customer has to travel very quickly or a significant distance, that person would most likely choose the flight option instead of a cheaper alternative.
· Bargaining Power of Buyers/Distributors: (Medium)
Bargaining power is a tricky one because it can work both ways. Buyers have a certain level of power in any industry. A buyer may switch suppliers very easily if there are no penalties and it is cost effective for them. If a large firm makes a large purchase of goods from another firm, it may be mutually beneficial and if serviced well, have the potential for repeat business. However, the buyer then has the power to use a substitute or competitor which would negatively affect the seller. Buyers are always the more powerful of the two because some buyers have the ability to put pressure on lower costs from suppliers, while demanding an increase of the quality of products or services provided to them. Also, the bargaining power in industries with high fixed costs like the airline industry can play a big factor. On the other hand, things like jet engines, tires and other key safety devices on aircrafts can cause severe consequences if this equipment malfunctions. For that reason, the buyer has a reduced amount of bargaining power with suppliers in this industry. The bargaining power of buyers is both high and low, so I ranked it medium.
· Bargaining

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