Coming From A Low-Income Family I Can Personally Agree

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Coming from a low-income family I can personally agree that the research in this article is relevant to my life. Most of my family has health insurance, but with many limits. For example, the insurance that I have will only cover emergency occasions, but unfortunately it won’t cover all my bills or treatments like surgery. On the on the other hand, my younger sibling’s health insurance cover more factors but lacks in quality. However, my parents’ case is a lot different than ours because they don’t have health insurance at all or even qualify for a reduced health insurance. In fact, if my parents need urgent medical attention they don’t even have the privilege to be seen by a doctor without proof of medical insurance. I think it’s …show more content…

This will begin to cause tension within the couple leading to screaming/yelling at one another or disrespecting each other. This will then continue to cause interparental conflict and withdrawal, in this case parents tend to have many disagreements over serious decisions or even come into disagreements with their parenting styles. After, so many interparental conflicts, parents become harsh, inconsistent, and uninvolved with their parents. This factor will eventually affect child and emotional behavioral problems. Certainly, social class affects low income families, when there is a cause another cause arises, “The model predicts that when economic pressure is high, romantic partners are at increased risk for emotional distress (e.g., depression, anxiety, anger, and alienation) and for behavioral problems” (Conger, Martin).
I certainly, agree with this article because I can relate to my personal life. The fact that I come from a low-income family we have less opportunities. My parents find it difficult to find a good job, a job that could help them maintain a family of seven. Despite their many skills and many years working in a certain place they seemed to never succeed or progress. There was a time when my mom lost her job and my dad had to take on more hours. This was exhausting for him because he worked 10 hours a day all seven days a week. Even though he was working a lot he never seemed to have enough for our expenses. due

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