Coming Of Age By James Joyce And A & P By John Updike

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Guiseppi La Mura
Instructor Moore
Coming of Age Growing up and learning to be an adult is part of everyone’s life. Emotions run rampant with love, anger, and uncertainty. Short stories Araby by James Joyce and A & P by John Updike create perfect examples of coming to age experiences which individuals can relate to. The array of emotions and hardships we experience throughout youth aid in creating a culturally advanced and diverse society.
First love, everyone has experienced this incredible milestone in their life before. Love can make you do fun things. In the first person short story Araby, the protagonist has a deep love for his friend Magens sister. The narrator makes this known by saying “Her image accompanies me even in places most hostile to romance”. She inebriated him with feelings of joy and excitement. The time of the story takes place during a big sale. Magens sister is upset she can’t attend because of prior engagements, but the protagonist promises he will return with a gift for her. At this time in the story the characters passion for Magens sister originates a quest for him. Love does crazy things to people, it brainwashes you to do odd things for people your affectionate for. You would do anything for someone you truly care about whether the task be simple or complex.
The day grows darker and the protagonist is eager to get to the sale and complete his quest for his queen, what any gentleman would do. Soon his uncle stubbles through the door

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