Coming Of Age Of Bildungsroman

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Bildungsroman is a German term coined by Philologist Karl Morgenstern and later popularized in 1905. It has many variations and subgenres such as Entwicklungsroman (“development of novel”), Erziehungsroman (“education novel”), Kunstlerroman (“artist novel”). Twentieth Century is much known for its marvelous developments and it spread to Germany, France, and Britain. Sometimes the term coming of age is used compatibly with Bildungsroman. This term is used to describe the protagonist’s psychological and moral growth from childhood to adulthood. It conveys the person understanding who is in search for her identity and answer for her life’s question. Mostly Bildungsroman novel starts with protagonist abscond due to emotional stress. It also highlights …show more content…

“The sun hovered behind a pink haze that engulfed all of St. Louis that Indian summer of 1959. The sun was a singular preoccupation with Betsey” (BB 13). The sun is very close towards Betsey, not in distance but in her feelings. She breezes with the sun at least once a week. And this is the one thing that she always used to daydream about. Here we can see self- realization plays an important role because Betsey always used to think about herself. She just shakes her sisters Sharon and Margot out of their beds and not even wishes them morning, she runs to the back porch to see the sun which is a singular preoccupation with her. This shows her relationship with her sisters that she is very close towards nature than with her siblings. But everyone in the family loves Betsey because she is the oldest of four children. As an African American girl, she always wants to be a blazing beam like a sun that symbolizes freedom. Even though she belongs to the black middle- class neighborhood, there is also some rules and restrictions in her family. Betsey never follows the rules but she never shows up that she is not following the rules. The description of the house shows Betsey individual thoughts and her experiences. From her house, she can see the countless view of the sun. So, she runs to the terrace where she is not allowed to stand to see the sun. Though it is dangerous, Betsey goes beyond her comfort zone to achieve the

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