Isolation In Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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A Rose for Emily Theme Analysis
The short story, A Rose for Emily focuses on the life of a mysterious woman, Emily Grierson. Living alone in an old square-frame house at one corner of the town, it's impossible for the townspeople to know the mysterious activities that happed behind the great walls of the ancient house Emily resides in. Her detachment from the society around her sends Miss Grierson into a lonely and depressing path. Throughout the story, conflicts ensue between Miss Grierson and the authorities as well as the townspeople due to her eccentric way of life. Through the character of Miss Emily Grierson, the story explores several themes that contribute significantly to the quality of the short story.
Through Emily Grierson, the theme of isolation and the effects of the same come out strong throughout the story. Emily secludes herself from the society. She shuts her doors for months, and only the Negro man that comes in and out of the house shows signs of life in the house. "The Negro man went in and out with the market basket, but the front door remained closed."
After her father's death, Emily loses touch with the society around her. It's uncertain whether she prefers being alone or she is afraid the townspeople will not accept her. Emily's isolation proves fatal when she kills a man, Homer Barron to escape the loneliness that she felt behind the great walls of her house. Through her isolation, the author attempts to reveal the dangers of isolating oneself from

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